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The reason our bespoke Garden rooms are different than say a wooden kit form building purchased from DIY stores or online is that we are a constructing a highly insulated building with a high specification and the materials required are more expensive. It also has proper foundations to take the weight of the building. There are obviously some fantastic summerhouse, cabins etc and other less expensive options on the market but they are not bespoke building like we are building, at the end of the day a shed is a shed and ours are not. Ours are designed to use all year round.

Our buildings start from £11,800.00 for a 4 x 3 metres single room standard building. Please read our general specification to see what is included.

Standard Specification.                                                                                                                                                    

This is the standard specification for our garden rooms. We do provide sufficient insulation however, there is the option to upgrade for further insulation and finishing’s, all of which will incur an extra charge.

Each garden room is designed to accommodate and suit your own garden layout. We can build on nearly all ground conditions and can be up to 2.5 metres high adjacent to a boundary without the requirement of planning approval this can be discussed on site visit. Please note the building can be higher than this if more than 2 metres from an adjacent boundary.

Garden Room Wirral

Foundations and groundworks.

We would assume that the build area is to be reasonably cleared before work commences. Any trees, dense overgrowth and hard structures for example patios are to be cleared in advance, we can arrange this if necessary and customer can pay them direct. All foundation areas are to be inspected by ourselves and obviously every project is different we can then make a decision on what is needed. There are a several options with regards to the foundations and base.

  • Concrete foundations, and brick/block
  • Concrete raft with steel reinforcement.
  • Our preferred 2 options are either the small concrete pile foundation method; holes are bored filled with concrete and adjustable galvanised legs are used suitable to carry the weight of the structure. The other option is steel ground screws. As previously stated, we will inspect the ground conditions and confirm with the Architectural Designer what is the best method with your ground conditions.

The base is constructed out of 150mm treated timbers and fixed to the galvanised legs, which are designed to take the weight of the structure. We fit plywood to stop any vermin from entering. The base is then insulated with 50 mm of foam insulation and then over boarded with a 22m moisture resistant chipboard.

The 100 x 50 mm timbers are insulated with 50mm foam insulation, over boarded with 25mm insulation and a vapour membrane. We then fit 12.5mm plasterboard and plaster skim. We fit skirting and architraves to match.  Externally a breathable roofing membrane is fitted and then you have a choice of the following external finishes:

  1. Self-coloured silicone renders to any colour you want {most people call it K rend but there are equally good products on the market }
  2. A composite board, impact-resistant with a choice of colours.
  • Another optional extra is real cedar or some other natural timber cladding.

Our standard flat roof is made using Firestone rubber EDPM which is guaranteed by the manufacture for 25 years. The roof is treated timber roof joists and OSB sheeting, it is ventilated and fully breathable. 50 mm foam insulation is inserted between the joists and then a vapour barrier is fitted and boarded and skimmed. UPVC facias and gutters.

We fit UPVC French doors and windows in grey, black or white. All doors and windows are 28mm double glazed with the correct insurance recommended locking systems. All windows comply with building regulations over the fitting and toughened or laminated glass where necessary.

Optional extras for the windows and doors.

  • We can provide powder coated aluminium Bi fold doors and windows.
  • Optional extras are coloured glass.
  • Another optional extra is a roof window, there are a lot of products on the market.

Our Standard garden room which consists of one main room will have 4 internal sockets, 4 spotlights, 1 external sockets, 2 outside lights and a suitable electric heater for the room size. All of our electrical work will be certified and a certificate provided to comply with part P of the building regulations. If a larger or 2 or 3 room summerhouse is required, we will specify the additional electrics. Before we can connect any electrics a connection is to be provided by armoured cable to external connector box next to our building the connections must have been completed by a registered electrician and be capable to cope with the existing loading of the Garden Room.  We can if necessary, organise this for you and you can pay them directly.

Gutters and Drainage.  We provide and fit as standard 100mm half-round gutters and 70mm round downspouts in white or black. The downspouts will discharge into a soakaway unless arrangements are made to connect into your existing underground drainage system. Running water can be provided if required, this will be fed underground from your incoming water main and suitably insulated to avoid frost damage.

 Decking is an optional extra, our preferred method is composite decking boarding. We can fit while working there on-site a patio area if required. If it’s something more than this The Garden Architect we use can design and fit any product you require from concrete pavings to Sandstone, porcelain or slate obviously the choice is limitless.

Providing a bespoke service to each client, we offer additional services all of which are dependent on location, size and usage of the building and are priced individually. Optional extras as followed. 

  • Shower room, sink, toilet, electric shower and a drain connection to the mains drainage. This will have to comply with building control regulations.
  • Cat 6 for internet, networking and office work.
  • Music, media system and sound system for a cinema room.
  • Outdoor adjoined kitchen or bbq area needing electric and water supply and any drainage.
  • A garden Architect who can plan your garden around your new garden room with not just hard paving but a planting service of trees, shrubs and flowers.
  • We can provide and fit an excellent choice of laminate flooring including Karndean laminate or we can arrange for the Carpet Gallery in Bebington to provide a substantial choice of various flooring products suitable for the building including Karndean and Amtico flooring amongst others.
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