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What would you do with an extra room in the garden?

Office? Gym? Guest room?

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About Garden Rooms Wirral

Garden Rooms Wirral are part of a very successful and very well-established Wirral based building contractors. We have been in business for over 20 years, providing beautifully designed and constructed domestic and commercial extensions and alterations. Please visit our website –

Having been asked for and provided, several garden room structures over the years, we have now decided that this is the right time to form a bespoke service to provide such structures. Wirral Garden Rooms will bring forward all our expertise in construction to provide simply the best solutions available to our client’s requirements. Our buildings start from £10,500.00 for a 3 x 3 metres single room standard building. Please read our general specification to see what is included.

Insulated Garden Rooms Wirral

It has become more and more apparent over recent years that there is a growing requirement for more bespoke garden rooms and garden offices. There is a huge variety of usages incorporating work rest and play.

We can provide you with a bespoke garden room structure for almost any usage, examples of which are –

  • Home Office/ Study
  • Summer house
  • Guest room
  • Workshop
  • Art /hobby room
  • Man cave
  • Beauty room
  • Bar and social space
  • Cinema room
  • Games room
  • Soundproofed music room
  • Home gymnasium
  • Artist studio
  • Model railway

The list is endless.

Examples of Modern Garden Rooms

Our Happy Clients

We had quite a large garden but wanted to utilise some of the space for indoor living.

Wayne had previously built an extension for us and so we trusted his advice when he talked us through the options for our bespoke garden room. We wanted a versatile space that could be used for working or leisure, but it was important that the space could be used throughout the year.
As the work being carried out was in the garden, we were not inconvenienced in any way during the build.
I’m no expert, but I was impressed at how robust the structure was as I watched it being built. The finish is excellent and matches our extension. It really compliments our garden space.
The garden room we now enjoy is to the same standard as a home extension. It is fully insulated, has electricity, heating, WIFI and TV. This is not a garden shed! It is an extension of our home.

After starting my new beauty business from home, I soon realised that space was an issue. It was also noisey if the kids are home. I called Wayne and he built a beauty studio. It is perfect. Once you are inside, you could be anywhere. I now have a one minute walk to work and the clients love it.

I had a gym put at the bottom of my garden. It is a great asset to the house and now has multi usage – a recliner, a fridge and a TV make it a great chill zone!

Completely Custom Work

Wirral garden rooms will provide you with an affordable scratch built, bespoke structure built to your exact specifications and requirements. It will not be a flat pack construction built in a factory and just assembled in position, like some of the lower end solutions.

As you can see, we have shown some of the more popular designs of garden rooms, however your options are endless. We are very proud of our reputation and pride ourselves in working alongside our clients to provide them with exactly what they wish to achieve.

Architectural Designer
Part of this process is having an experienced in house local architectural designer to provide you with help and advice throughout the construction. He will provide the full design service and specifications for your individual project and submit planning applications to the local planning authority if required.

However most garden rooms will be exempt from planning. If required a certificate of lawfulness development can be provided.

An important and all too often overlooked aspect of a well-designed garden room is how it will sit within your site. Garden Rooms Wirral can provide a landscape architectural service to maximise the beauty and usability of your new garden room.

How Much Does A Garden Room Cost?

The upfront cost of a garden room may seem like a price you can’t afford; however, a garden room or summerhouse can be a cost-effective way to extend your home, which will add value to your property and can make you money.

The price of the garden room will vary when you consider such things as:

  • The size of the room – this goes without saying. The more material you need, the bigger the cost.
  • The finishes you choose – All interior and exterior finishes will add to your price.
  • The designer features you pick – bi-fold doors, double glazing, and air conditioning will bump up the price.

Depending on what size, modular or bespoke design, your garden room price will change. However, this is not the only cost consideration you should take.

Extra costs

In addition to the price you pay for the actual garden room building, you need to have some extra money in your budget for some common extra costs. As stated before, you will find that you want extras for the interior and exterior. Don’t forget you will also want to kit out your room with office furniture, for example, or maybe make it a bedroom.

Electrical connection

Making sure you have electricity connected to your garden room is one of the most important extra costs. Again this cost may vary depending on how far away from your room it is, appropriate cables and your electrician. Quotes can vary depending on these, and a recommendation of £850-£1200 should be considered as part of your budget. Don’t forget that an additional garden room which is being used all year will require heating, ventilation, insulation and electricity. However, another long-term cost saving could be the installation of solar panels for your garden room to reduce these monthly costs.

Other supply connections would also increase the cost if you wanted gas and water supply to your garden room.

Planning Permission

Most garden rooms can be built within specifications that meet your rights to add to your property. However, if you need to apply for Planning Permission to build your garden room, expect an application fee of around £170. Although most garden rooms are within the spec, we advise checking with your local planning department before building and apply for a Lawful Development Certificate to prove the work was allowed.

So what is the overall cost for a garden room?

In conclusion, when considering a garden room, you should be expecting to pay anywhere between £10,000 and £40,000 for a modular build. Bespoke garden room designs are normally priced by the square meter of floor space, so if you are looking to build a 4m x 3m garden room, you would be looking at 12sqm and expect to pay between £800 and £1,600 per square metre but REMEMBER – with both modular and bespoke garden room designs – don’t forget your extra costs.

So overall prices do vary on your garden room but on the plus side this is going to be an investment. Straight away, your house price will increase, and if done correctly, you could find that using your garden room with eco-friendly alternative power could provide you with a saving on your electricity. Also if you are using it as your work office, you are saving on travel costs.